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Top 5 Reasons, Why you should buy BRIKitt Homes

Updated: Feb 2

Everyone loves #RealEstate but have limitations in terms of choices and budget constraints as it's an expensive affair. If we think about creating a diversify portfolio and owning multiple properties at most demanding and desired locations one has to be a millionaire first right? But that's not the case anymore with #BRIKitt. BRIKitt gives an equall opportunity to people from all the spehere from life to buy and create diversify real estate portfolio and co own most desired asset class at Most happening and growing locations all across the globe with its unique and first of its kind techdriven #BRIK model. So here are the top 5 reasons why you should buy BRIKitt Homes as a part of your investment portfolio to create long term wealth and passive income.

1) Low aqquisition cost - Price and affordability are the two major factor in buying any real estate asset as it's expensive and come with huge ticket size. But BRIKitt gives u an opportunity to choose from different set of properties , locations as per your preferences and that to too at just a fraction of its cost which makes it affordable and gives you leverage to diversify your real estate portfolio by owning 11 properties at 11 different locations at a cost of Just 1.

2)Strong Fundamentals- While investing in any sort of asset class weather it's equity market , commodity or real estate the most important thing to check its fundamentals because that is where your hard earned money is going into. Hence all the BRIKitt listed homes are #residential projects and are sourced from the top developers in India which are Rera Approved and fully complainced with regulations and have a strong track records. So fundamentally BRIKitt homes comes with no or very rare execution risk and fundamentally they are very strong.

3)Hot Locations- Location is a key factor while making an Investment into any type Real Estate as the cashflow and future appreciation depends upon the growth and social infrastructure of the macro market of that particular location. At BRIKitt all the assets has to pass through various factors before listing to ensure consistent cashflow and exponential capital growth of the properties in longer run. So as you can see all the properties listed on BRIKitt platform are in one the top destinations and Hottest real estate market in India

4) Professional Management- Management and maintenance plays a key role in future growth of the property. If you see around in your local real estate market in your city you find the properties which are professionally managed and we'll maintained always appreciate higher than the property which are filthy and not maintained properly and this is suchal a important factor that you can find a huge price difference in the same project or society in some cases. BRIKitt ensures that your property is well maintained through regular inspections and preventive maintenance on regular interval which make it most likely to grow higher than the other similar properties in the vicinity.

5) Transparency- Transperancy is the key strength of BRIKitt. BRIKitt ensures that each Proud BRIK Owner is fully informed and aware about each and every activity of their Home with their personalised dashboard. Through which you can track all your credits and debits. All the expenses and incomes , occupancy report , Maintainence and repair report and you can review the same weather you are satisfied or not which will help BRIKitt to improve and do constant upgradation in their services.

So don't wait to buy Real Estate , Buy Real Estate and wait...

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