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Elite 165 Farm Resort - Exclusive weekend getaway in Lucknow

Elite 165 Farm Resort is the talk of the town since a while now and BRIKitt had managed to sell more than 25% of the inventory in just 2 weeks of its pre launch. However the project and Investment model is relatively new and first of its kind in Lucknow. So Why and who are the people investing in this project? To understand the entire business model, investment opportunities and Benefits or whether you should invest or not let's go through some basics first.

Elite 165 Farm Resort is a flagship Project of BRIKitt, India’s leading Proptech platform offers Fractional Ownership in Holiday and Vacational assets. Brikitt divides each property into 11 equal Fractions and call it a BRIK. Now this BRIK is what you are buying in any of their listed property. Similarly Elite 165 farm resort has got 15 luxury modular cottages and each cottage is divided into 11 equal fractions hence we got 165 Fractions in total which means 165 BRIKs now you must have understood why the name is Elite 165 farm resorts as it's exclusively sold to 165 investors only which means very less Supply.

Now the total value of your investment is stored in this BRIK and you will become a Proud BRIK Owner once you invest your money or in other words buy a BRIK at this Farm Resort. This BRIK will store a value of a 165th Fraction Ownership of a Luxury Farm Resort which adds up a New asset class to your investment portfolio which you always dreamed of and now you will have something which is only owned by top 10% Elite people in the world

Now there are number of benefits and perks of being a Proud BRIK Owner you will be receiving throughout your life and can be passed on to generation to generation. The list is too long and seems unending but I will try to sum up in short.

1) 30 days usage rights per year

2) High rental returns 6-30 %

3) Five Star Property Management Services

4) Life time free luxury holidays

5) Priority access to all the BRIKitt properties.

6) Easy Liquidation

7) Buy back option

8) AI based Digital Dashboard

And much more can be added up to the list but I think this much is enough to give a fair bit of idea.

So now comes the most interesting question that weather you should invest your hard earned money in such a fresh opportunity or not and what does future looks like.

Disclaimer- This is not a financial advise this is just our views and opinion. Do your complete R&D and make an informed decision.

To me BRIKitt has done a remarkable job and must have Putin loads of time and effort in building something like this.

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