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BRIK ITT- Power of Fractional Ownership in Real Estate

Fractional ownership is the best kind of ownership if you want to invest in your future , family and financial purposes. Fractional ownership in Single Family Residences has the highest opportunity to appreciate in value. This is because in the future buyers may want to buy the home as a primary home. a subsidiary of Money Bricks a decade old Real Estate player in India is changing the trends in Luxury Residential Real Estate Market in India with their unique Brik Model which allows one to co-own Luxurious sky-bunglows, Pent Houses , Villas and Vacational Homes at a fraction of its cost and earn high rentals on their investment through there fully manage and operated property business model. A Brik is a 1/11 fraction of the property which allows you to use the property or earn rental income for 30days/year. Few key benefits of this unique Brik Model which makes Fractional Ownership more powerful then any other in the Market are:

1)Power to Earn - By owning a Brik you can earn high rental yield for your 30 days via fully managing and operating services provided by BRIK ITT.

2)Power to Gain- You can resell your Brik anytime after your locki-n period and earn high capital gains on your initial investments.

3)Power to Use- Brik owner can use the property any time of the year for a month each year and book the same through fully loaded and user friendly owner app with numbers of features in it.

4)Power to Exchange- Here comes the game changer , a Brik owner not only can use his property but all the property sold and manage by Brik ITT all over the world at a nominal exchange fee.

5)Power to Upgrade- BRIK falls into 3 Categories Gold , Platinum and Titanium as per their property cost and it's level of personalized services and standards. Every Brik will automatically gets upgraded to the next up category immediate after appreciating its cost to cross the benchmark price of the up category Brik.

6)Power of Professional Management- At Brikitt all the properties are professionally managed and operated by Highly skilled and Experienced team of a senior managerial level Hoteliers from various Top Class chain of 5Star Hotels and Resorts all around the world. 7)Power to Liquidate- The Brik owner can any time liquidate his Brik after the lockin period of that particular Brik at an appreciated price and enjoy high returns. Fractional ownership is the wisest and smartest way of investing in real estate market in India. No investment scheme or asset class can stand out as risk free and rewarding as this. For further details and to see available investment options we highly recommend to visit #India #Luxury #Fractional ownership

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