BRIK Owner's Review for confirmation of Understanding

Dear BRIK Owner(s), 
Here are a few key points about your BRIK Ownership that you should be clear about. Please read each point below  in conjunction with the detailed Terms &Conditions for complete understanding. 

1. I/We understand the Terms and Conditions of the special offer that I/we have chosen at the time of signing up for purchase of BRIK. 

2. I/We confirm having read the Terms and Conditions governing purchase of BRIK Ownership Usage and the Terms and  Conditions with regard to BRIK ownershipand agree to abide by the same. All necessary clarifications and information on  the BRIK Ownership have been provided to us. 

3. I/We understand that any payment made by me/us would first be appropriated toward the Booking Fees and  balance if any would be appropriated towards the entitlement fees. 

4. I/We understand that in the event of request for cancellation by me/us the BRIKitt shall have the right to deduct  cancellation charges as mentioned in the Terms andConditions and would refund the balance amount only. 

5. I/We understand that I/we shall be admitted as BRIK Owner of BRIK Ownership only upon realization of the entire amount and EMI's as per the scheme opted by me, to be entitled to the benefits of BRIK Ownership . 

6. I/We understand that the number of people who can occupy the apartment is as follows: 
∙ 2 BHK Apartment - 6 Adults  
∙ 1 BHK Apartment - 4 Adults  
∙ Studio Apartment - 3 Adults 
(Children above 12 years shall be considered as adult for the purpose of occupancy. 2 children below 12 years to be considered as one adult). 

7. I/We understand that the gifting of the BRIK is my/our responsibility and in this regard the BRIKitt does not undertake any responsibility or liability. 

8. I/We understand that I/we can make my/our own arrangements to sell my/our BRIK and Ownership rights &that the BRIKitt shall not buy it back from me/us. 

9. I/We understand that the confirmation for reservation of the unit is subject to availability and eligibility, However,  the Booking can be done through the DigitalDashboard provided by BRIKitt, in which, BRIK Owners are eligible to  make bookings for their owned Unit with a booking window of 60 Days and BRIKitt Community Units with a booking window of 45 Days. 

10. Holiday Booking Cancellation Policy – (i) Before 30 days of check-in – No Deduction of room nights (ii) Before 21 days of check-in – 25% Deduction of room nights 
(iii) Before 14 days of check-in – 50% Deduction of room nights 
(iv) Before 7 days or later of check-in – 100% Deduction of room nights 

11. I/We are aware that without the Confirmation of booking, I/we will not have a right of entry into any property. 

12. I/We understand that the BRIKitt needs to maintain the property towards which I/we confirm having agreed to pay  Annual management Fees (AMF) whether I/we avail of BRIK in a particular year or not. Non-payment of the same shall result  in my/our disentitlement from the use of the entitlements and BRIKitt shall have the rightto cancel the usage rights if I/we do not pay the AMF 

13. I/We understand that the Promotional Offer mentioned in the application form & signed by me/us will be final. 

14. I /We understand that any part payment made by me towards any outstanding shall first be appropriated towards interest and then earlier dues /outstanding. 

15. In case of default in payment of any installment by me/us, the BRIKitt shall have the right to terminate my/our  BRIK Ownership for occupancy and that theTerms and Conditions mentioned in BRIK Ownership agreement shall apply. 

16. I/We have read the rules of cancellation, and agree to the same. 

17. I/We confirm that there are no other verbal/written promises or any other assurances not mentioned in the  BRIK OWNERSHIP that have been made byany BRIKitt personnel. 

18. Payment Consent 
The amount paid for booking shall be deemed refundable if BRIKitt fails to deliver the property or is unable to gather the  rest co owners or cancels the booking fromits end to the BRIK owner. 
The BRIKitt doesn't accept payments in Cash. All payments to the BRIKitt is to be made form of cheque/draft favoring