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You should quote your booking details on all bank transfers and cheques made payable to us to avoid error and undue delay.

You are responsible for paying your own bank's charges in respect of all payments made to and refunds received from BRIKitt except in cases where BRIKitt is found to be at fault.
We will refund any payments made by you to us in the same manner and currency as the original payment was made

Payment Consent

The amount paid for booking shall be deemed refundable if BRIKitt fails to deliver the property or is unable to gather the rest co owners or cancels the booking from its end to the BRIK owner.

The BRIKitt doesn't accept payments in Cash. All payments to the BRIKitt is to be made form of cheque/draft favoring "BRIKitt", or through Credit Cards. Any payment in cash and cheque/draft not favoring the BRIKitt is at the BRIK Owner's risk and the BRIKitt will not be liable for the same.

BRIKitt is liable to return the booking amount with an interest of 11 % pa if all the co-owners are not brought on board within 180 to 365 days depending upon the property type as specified at the time of booking.

If the BRIK owner cancels the booking from its consent the BRIKitt holds the right to forfeit the payment and the amount paid deems Non-re fundable. I/We hear by agree that if under any circumstances booking of BRIK is cancelled by Me/Us the booking amount deemed non refundable